Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Bat Potty.d

No photos. It was too difficult to wrangle a 1 year old without having to worry about drownin2g my camera in the process. (If there are random letters or spaces it is the result of said 1 year old sitting on my lap whilst I type!) So. h Nells has been grabbing her bottom and coming to me this week with a funky look on her face. If I ask her "Do you need your diaper changed?" She walks to her diaper bag of the stairs (her room is upstairs!) So we decided it was time to try the potty.

Today, when she woke up dry after her nap, we went to the batcave. There I stripped her lower half and tried to hold her over the pot.
Then she decided it would be fun to squirm and wriggle and giggle and stiffen like a board.
Then I put her down.
Then she ran off with her stark naked ba-donk-a-donk and IU t-shirt.
Then I screeched "NELLIE DON'T PEE YET!" and ran after her.
I felt my pulse racing at the thought of using an entire can of Spot Shot on my sweet, dear angel's pee-trail.
She thought it was hilarious.
So did Homer.
He showed his joy by practically leaping off the balcony.
That was my second almost-coronary of the day.
Then I FINALLY caught her as she stopped to pick up Parker bear.
He came to the potty too.
Then, JUST as I hung her over the pot, she peed.
Not on the rug.
Not on the carpet.
Not on my awesome new sweater.
I don't think she knew what hit her! :)
Of course, I might make that face if there was a giant batman mask on the head of toilet watching me pee in a toilet for the first time too.
I might have scarred my child.

First wrestling of baby to potty - check.
First coronary from thinking there would be a pee trail all over my second story - check.
First terrified look - from baby - from having naked bootie over a small mass of water - check.
First pee in pot - check.

It's a good start. :)


Susan said...

Good Momma, check

suzy rowland said...

holy cow! way to go momma and nells!!!! i'm so impressed! :)

Aunt Becky said...

Happy Momma, check