Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chalk and Star Trek

Again - unedited - :( no time.

So the past couple of days Momma has foregone laundry (after recovering from illness and fulfilling other to come...) and cooking to play outside. Um. Hello?! Have you see it out there??? SUN SHINE!

So Nells Bells and I broke out the best of spring time gear - SIDEWALK CHALK! Of course (as seen above) I didn't fully think through the implications for our play clothes. :) Let's just say she was colorful by the time we surrendered our chalk and hobbled back indoors.

Oh look Daddy's home! YAY! He can play with us too!

Show Daddy how to grab the chalk Nellianne!

Now here is where we see why my daughter will have an internal complex. A war within her forever.


Husband's drawings:

Momma's Drawing:

And if that's not enough husband instructed little Miss. on the radius, diameter and area of a circle. Look - he even wrote out the QTPi equation. (whatever that means!)

So you see our sunshine chalk and star trek genes have collided to create Sesame. Poor Girl. She's going to show up with kindergarten spouting Einstein's theory of relativity in iambic pentameter.


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Conrad said...

Okay. For the record:

If the diameter of a circle is denoted by a straight line through the center, and the ends of the line are denoted as Q and T, then the diameter of the circle can be written as QT. WHICH would make the circumference of the circle equal to...........QT*pi. Get it?

Hahahah! Math jokes. Wonderful. For all of you that didn't get that, please repeat 7th grade algebra.

By the way, did you know that Muslims invented algebra? It was carried back from the Crusades by the dudes that killed Muslims.......yet respected their mathish skillz. Fascinating.

Math comedy hour and history lesson for the day is now ended.