Friday, March 12, 2010

Da Zoo.

(Note: no edited photos...just clustered...And...this is my first "automatic" post! yay!)

So. I don't have too much time to write - hence why I just dumped a boat load of photos into this post! :)

The next three are not, in fact, an awkward, eccentric wave, but Nells blowing kisses! FINALLY! :)

What's up there??? Is it a bird? It's hard to tell in the photos who made the face first - Mom or Nellianne. :)

Honking Yia Yia's nose! :)

Happy with the elephants!

This is my I'm done at the zoo face. This photo was supposed to go at the end. But, CLEARLY, I misplaced it! :)

See - I DO exist! :)

And now we know where Sesame's face come from...

...her Daddy. Not. :)

P.S. I was approached about doing a giveaway - would you rather see kids items, kitchen items or home decor items??? :) Let me know!



suzy rowland said...

loved the pics! looks like a great time!!! can't wait to take super k there! ummmm, and any of the above to the give away question! :)

Susan said...

I am so thankful for the wonderful day at the zoo with my two favorite girls. What a blessing to see it through your eyes and Nells.

Dawn said...

Have to love those faces! My vote is for kitchen items.