Thursday, March 25, 2010

Book Worm and Tube Watcher

So apparently Nells Bells is too good for Momma and her silly voices during book reading. Apparently at the age of 14 months one becomes capable of pulling books into one's crib and doesn't want Momma in the morning, just some privacy. Apparently, crying will ensue if Momma disturbs said happy morning reading time. So, here I am, posting to you all about this phenomenon instead of cuddling with my dear Sesame. Because she doesn't want me. Doesn't even want me to read to her. She can do it on her own. Apparently. :)

In other news: I'm gearing up for the aforementioned giveaway!! :) SO EXCITED! :) The website doing the promotional offers numerous items and sites to choose from. They carry kids beds, bar stools, and my favorite, COOKWARE!!!

Which is why I am giving away the best of cookware items. :)

A 12" x 9" Le Creuset Casserole dish in Caribbean blue. The LOVELY dish also comes with my two favorite rubber spatulas/scrapers in the matching Caribbean blue. Love. My next post will be a review of these items (which I already own and ADORE!) and details on the giveaway.

But until then - here are some photos of the REAL reason ya'll tune in. :)

Sesame discovered the beauty of TV. And standing too close. Jesopete. What kind of Momma let's her 14 month old watch TV at a distance of 1.2 inches!? Someone should do something about that. :)

This is her newly acquired "Mom you're in my way look." I also received it this morning from the crib as I attempted to pick her up.

"No, really Mom. Stop. You're cramping my style. I'm trying to discern whether Discovering Sonya is going to find the vowel 'o' or 'a' and I can't think with you this close to me. Go away."

We also broke out the frozen Go-gurt. LOVED. She didn't do too bad eating it alone. Homer tried to help. I shooed him away. He found some old crackers on the floor that were just as good.

This went so well I thought to myself: "Self, she could totally feed herself yogurt at dinner!!"

Wrong. it was EVERYWHERE. When will I learn!? She did clean out the container though!

She even put a green bean in the container for a snack later. yum. Vanilla green bean. MMMMM.


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Randall said...

Our little one goes one further--she continues to read after I turn out the lights at night. Not having any light doesn't stop her from re-reading the book that I just finished.