Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ribbons and Spice and Everything...Nice?

Sesame helped cook yesterday! :) She's really starting to investigate cabinets and cupboards and the like. I heart it. :) Whilst I was busy tossing eggplants and shallots around in the kitchen she discovered the spice and pan cabinet.

"Oh she's so cute!" I thought to myself. "I should go grab my camera." And so I did. Clearly. I took a shot or two and discerned I needed my flash since the sun sets at like 3:00 in the afternoon anymore.

I returned to this cute striped, who-baby. My heart melted yet again. I mean - hello - it's like she was posing for me. What with the spices scattered about just so and her back to me. -sigh- I thought "It's just like in a Taste of Home Magazine when the Mom's write in a recipe and say 'My baby helped! Look I have cute photos to prove it!' " Really - I was so excited.

Note - was. I stood up and moved in for a different shot. Then I say this. Do you see it?? Let me help you out a bit:

That's right. The beautiful, serene little angel opened my Coleman's dry mustard and had a glitter party with the contents. She wasn't sitting there with her back to me posing - she was hiding her crime?! And of course it had to be the Coleman's dry mustard - it couldn't be the parsley that I've had since we got married cough-threeyearsago-cough it had to be one of my favorite, pricey spiceys. -sigh- What am I going to do with her?!

Well I reprimanded her to which she responded with a giggle, to which I responded with a swat on the rear end, to which she responded with a scowl and "Da-da-ee," to which I responded with "I don't think you know what you're really asking for when you ask for Daddy after I spank you," to which she responded with a face plant on her blankie. Ah, to snuggle with your blankie instead of sweeping up Coleman's. Someday she'll be the one sweeping up her mess while I snuggle with my blankies sip a sweet tea.


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Vintage Dutch Girl said...

I'm surprised it was only ONE container! Bubbalu found my sprinkles the other day....OY.