Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Good Gravy...

This baby:
is looking more and more like a toddler these days. She totally digs the Daddy shades. Yesterday afternoon she she kept reaching for them, so he put them on her. She left them on until they fell off. Then last night she crawled over to the coffee table, pulled up (like she does) knocked various items off until she found the glasses, and; attempted to put them on all by herself. Granted, she almost stabbed herself in the eye and was slightly distracted by chewing on the ends, but she was really trying to put them on. Plus those silicone end tips are squishy. I'd chew on them if I was teething and had an unsanitary mother too! When all was said and done we showed her how to put them on. One example and she had it. Then, this morning, she tried putting them on Santa bear. Too. Cute. :)

Also I caught her doing this with Daddy this weekend:

Yes, that's husband (in our dirty house) playing arcade games on the X box. And, yes, that's Nells Bells laying on the floor, on her back, watching him play games. Just like a real live person. She even has her little arm above her head in that casual "I've had suuuuuuuuuch a long day" way.

To zoom in here you'll see she does get a little distracted some times. :) And I promise I didn't put her hair in a forward facing ponytail. It was just squished at the moment from her chosen relaxation pose. :)


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