Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ribbons and Spice and Everything...Nice? Part II

The same day as Spice Extravaganza '09 the box man came to visit. (I just discovered the beauty in linking back to your own posts -- why didn't anyone tell about this before!?) Anywho, his large brown vehicle pulled up outside our house and the butterflies from my childhood returned. :) Nells was the recipient of the glorious, faded khaki package. I opened the outside box for her (duh - too young for knife wielding yet - apparently the golden age for throwing knives is nine.) which revealed a wonderfully wrapped package from Aunt Becky. I sat Sesame down by the box and this is what unfolded:

She stared and grinned.

Then played with the springy ribbon for awhile. I was slightly shocked because lately any package I place under the tree is immediately unwrapped! Then the following collage commenced:

Nonetheless, she did enjoy her package...aside from her freakish mother putting the scary ribbon in her hair. Not a fan. And it would appear that eating her crib (that's right, removes the rail guards and then chews still...) do not provide enough fiber in her diet - hence the eating of the wrapping paper. We LOVED the book and blue smocked jumper Aunt Becky!! Sorry for the whole opening before Christmas deal -- we were just soooooo excited! :)



Aunt Becky said...

thank you for letting me watch her open the package! What a wonderful gift to me. Love you, Aunt Becky

emily ann. said...

We love you too Aunt Becky! :)

Randall said...

I think the unwrapping thing is the reason that all of our wrapped gifts are in rubbermaid crates in the basement.