Monday, November 23, 2009


So...we went to Ikea. :) A day trip with some lovely women - a day trip to blue and gold heaven on earth. [sigh] I found beds and lamps and frames and toys and rugs and fabric and toys and pillows and couches and kitchens and toys and storage and foot stools and toys. I mean, really, what can't you find at Ikea. They even have cinnamon rolls the size of your head. Not a sweet eater?? Just order a side of Swedish meatballs - good Swedish meatballs - the kind the Swedes don't want you to know they have in their country because everyone would flock there for their meatballs - not their super secret banks.

We made a pit stop at Starbucks on the way out because, hello, it was early and their holiday drinks had just returned from the coffee vault. Sadly, one bit the dust on entering the car. :( There were tears. There were no baby wipes to clean it up. There was, however, an awesome-tastic Starbucks barista who re-made the fabulous Venti drink - no charge. They do have faulty lids there. Very drippy. Moving on...

Then we saw the sign. It would disappear behind some signs and cars and then reappear out of nowhere. Like the bat signal shining in all it's Gotham glory, drawing us in. I could have sworn I hear the West Wing theme song announcing the sign. [sigh] I thought of you Katie!

We found AWESOME items (hello 1/2 yard of home decor fabric for FIFTY CENTS!). Tried to discern how some of the items worked (hence Mindy standing on the bed looking on top of the shelves...I PROMISE the lights were magically operated...wireless...and battery-less). Pined away for some items (Casey found a double lofted bed...for $299...and was totally jonesin' for one!). Played with some items (Suzy and Nancy are the BEST photo frame layout people EVER!). After all of the Ikea goodness, we even ate good food...not Swedish...but Asian at PF Changs. Could you ask for a better day!? I think not. :)


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Suzy said...

i feel honored to have gotten a shout-out on this wonderful blog! the ikea trip was fabulous! i'm enjoying looking at my ikea frames all with my personal pictures in them. they are still on my mantel waiting to find their home on the wall! :)