Friday, November 20, 2009

Photos. :)

I think the dog walked into the room.
And she did this.
And tensed up and started shaking.
And squealed a squeal that shook the glass in the windows.
And mad her Momma's ears bleed.
And then she giggled and carried on with playtime
banging on the coffee table with a wooden block.
Good thing we have distressed furniture. :)

Here she's triumphant.
Over what?
Maybe she saw succeeded in throwing her num-num at the dog.
Maybe she stole the remote control.
Maybe she ate a magazine while I was taking photos of her and just thought it was cute so I kept taking photos and didn't take the magazine.
she was just happy
because the dog came into the room.

You might not be able to tell
but this is a smile
under the guise of a twisted, scrunchy nosed, teeth-baring, contorted, open mouthed expression.
she's happy I tell you.
I bet Homer walked into the room.

I heart her. :)
Hope this helped Grammy and Grandpa!
We miss you!


The other day Sesame kept trying to put her num-num in her mouth but started gagging every time she sucked on it. I checked her mouth and didn't see anything. I handed her the num-num. She gagged. She spit. I thought I was going to be vomited on. I tried to sweep out her mouth again. More gagging. No vomit (praise the lord!). I them turned her upside down (You gotta do what you gotta do!) only to find a HAZARD/WARNING sticker on the ROOF OF HER MOUTH! That's right. Sesame successfully peeled the Hazard label off her super coop and put it in her mouth. Dude. She's 10 months. Not to mention the IRONY of her choking on a "warning parts might cause harm to child if played with improperly" label. Only in our house.


Please be praying for Olive. I've donated a photo shoot to the auction raising money for her family. If you have any kind of service, they could use the help. But mostly, pray for this baby born to missionaries at 28.5 weeks.


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