Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It happened. Sesame reached the monumental age of 9 months on Monday. We were a little unsure there for awhile, what with her adventurous nature, if she would survive the falls and tumbles. But she made it. :)

We reached a milestone just yesterday too. She ate couscous, veggie puffs (I could KISS the person who invented those things...unless of course they weren't my husband...then I could not kiss them.) cheerios and corn. Are your tastebuds watering? I know mine are! :) Little Miss. grabby now thinks she owns everyones plate and insists on reaching for all foods. I know we have a green light for meat but - and I'm just guessing here - I think spicy peppercorn barbecuemight be a little much for a first meat. I'm thinking hot dog or something. Or maybe chicken. Yeah, maybe a real meat should be her first instead of something with contents labeled "parts." Just a thought.

Oh yes, she also decided that tupperware, rather trapping her toys IN the tupperware, is the most hilarious form of entertainment EVER! I'm so glad she's easily amused. We Santa can fill her stocking with wooden spoons & measuring cups. No expensive toys for Nells, no siree! You know, she might even like the coal!!!

Momma: "What's up Nelli?"
Nelli: "Oh Nothin' Momma. Just hangin' around."
(chuckle, snort, snort, chuckle)

Ah yes, nothing like a good hat brim to teeth on.

Hi Momma!

Gotta love it! :) She's just so darn fun!!!


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