Monday, October 12, 2009

Bathroom Books

Hang on to your chairs. Are you ready for this?? It's going to be a shocker:

Our Bathrooms are mini-libraries.

True story. They are each (2 1/2) stocked with papery magazines, collections of essays and even, dare I say, novella?! Some of you might remember what our nursery looks like. If you don't, check out the link or just keep reading. :) It's a Dr. Seuss nursery. We love The Seuss. It's true.

We love Dr. Seuss not just because he dared to made up his own words, and not juts because he wrote fabulously hilarious children's tales, but because of this book:

That's right. For those of you that didn't know - Dr. Seuss wrote very controversial comic strips in the 1930s-1940s. This book is a collection of those very comics. He caused the paper to receive some very fiery "Dear Editor" letters. It's worth a read if you find or visit our house and use the bat cave - aka the fortress of solitude. (P.S. If someone can tell me why 's it's just wrong that I called the batcave the fortress of solitude there will be a reward. (: )

Also among our bathroom repertoire:

This is one of my favorites as well! It's DEFINITELY worth a read. Especially in a bathroom. Visit our half-bath for more details.

Also found in our rooms of rest:

I don't know that either of us have actually read this one...the title and cover alone are just so HILARIOUS that we couldn't resist it in a cheap 25 cent bin. :) See section Master Bath for a peek at the jacket cover.

What books live in your bathrooms????

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