Friday, October 9, 2009


I have dishes to do, packing to complete, laundry to finish before the packing, dog food to purchase and a box to dismantle/reassemble. And I'm posting. While the baby is shutting her bedroom door. I just heard her. Note to self: Baby now knows that a door can close. Moving on...

Because I don't have much time to post (haha...) Here are a SLEW of photos from September 9th. I know ya'll are going to be shocked: I have photos I haven't even looked at. It's true. I take a few...hundred...any given day.

Clearly I did not take this one. :) My Momma did.

My little conversationalist: "YiaYia that's so interesting...

"Ha ha. She's so funny. Isn't my Momma so hilarious. HAHA!"

Something on the table is cool. Or maybe it's just the table...

Really...Who makes faces like this?!

Watching cars with Pappy.

Again with the faces. This one is accompanied by the deep throaty Halloween growl I have mentioned before.

Sooooooooo big.

Is apparently the funniest game ever!

"Yeah Pappy. I get it. It spins."


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