Saturday, September 26, 2009

She Did What?!

Yesterday Sesame woke up from a nap. (Stick with me. I promise it gets more exciting that this!) I heard her yammering to her happy self and grinned. She's so smiley when she wakes up, it makes me feel like I'm in a musical. I like it. And yes, I do sing to her when she wakes up. Every. time. :) Moving on...

So she wakes up and I walk in to find the new standard, a crawly baby gripping the crib rail and standing. As I look closer I see what appear to be the remnants of oreo crumbs ringing her lips. 'Hmmm, that's odd.' I think ' I don't remember having oreos in our house.' [Yes, that WAS my thought. No, I didn't think it was odd to assume I gave my 8 month old oreos IN HER CRIB.] Upon realizing my train of thought was ridiculous, I noticed this:

Yes, ladies and germs, my daughter ate the stain off her crib railing and even sanded down the wood while she was at it. What an industrious lass we have. My next thought was, 'Oh crumb. They aren't oreo crumbs.' I then call my husband, who was most likely in a meeting of sorts judging by his "office voice" tone.

"This is husband."
" you have a minute?"
"Yeah. Real quick."
"Uh...Our daughter ate her crib. Should I call poison control?"

Every father's dream phone call at work on a Friday! We quickly reasoned (after a call to YiaYia) that they couldn't use a stain that wasn't non-toxic on a crib and she would be fine. As long as there aren't too many wood chunks floating around in her tummy we won't have a trip to the ER anytime soon. Now I have to excuse myself to find some Oreos in the house.



Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Time to get rail guards!

Like this:

:) Happy teething!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Send me your email :)