Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sick, Silly & Sappy

I've been sick this weekend. yuck. Let me say this: I don't like feeling icky & I have THE BEST HUSBAND EVER. Seriously. He swooped in, all Batman like, and became super Daddy the instant I said, "I don't feel good" Er, that is to say, he swooped in after correcting my grammar "I don't feel well," and smirking. I don't blame him, man has to have priorities. I'm glad my husband's is good grammar. :)

Anywho, Grammy called today and reminded me that photos of random beagles and chewed cribs are cool...but pictures of Sesame are better. :) She's been up to all kinds of antics lately. This growing up thing is the most bittersweet experience EVER! I'm all excited and happy yelling, "Husband, come look at what she's doing now! You won't believe it!!" and two seconds I'm crying "She's [sob] climbing the [stairs] without [heaves] me! She's [sob] sooooo [huge heave] BIG!!!" Poor husband...he has to think I'm manic/depressive now! Anyway, without further ado...what you all really read this blog for:

Okay. I PROMISE I didn't purposefully teach my child to smile with a scary scowling, wide-open, I'm gonna eat your eyeballs smile. She came to us this way. The best part is, sometimes, when she's really happy, she includes with this fabulous expression a deep, throaty growl that sounds like Batman in The Dark Knight. Why? Because she can.

"Daddy, look what I found in the batcave! Something that's just my height for climbing!"

Oh. And we learned to point last weekend. I'm probably explaining that it's her in the mirror because, apparently, when a child points and anything I feel compelled to explain what it is, where it came from, what color it is, why we are around it, etc. Do you know how many times I've explained who Homer, our dog is. I could write a novel describing him now. Anyway, she points, it's cute and she doesn't stop doing it. She even waves by bending her pointer finger up and down. Too. Cute.

Sick Momma + Distracted Baby = Best Photo EVER!

Her hair is starting to curl. Her eyes have most recently settled on a hazel-gray color. Her limber limbs are working to her advantage with her new found standing and climbing. Her feet aren't so small anymore. Her words are more clear. Her actions are more intentional. Her eating is frenzied and grabby. Her people skills are killer. Her need for social interaction is apparent. Her hands are still small enough to fit in mine. Her snuggles are still for Momma and Daddy. Her joy is inescapable.


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