Thursday, September 24, 2009

And People Say They'd Get Bored Staying At Home...

So far today...

We have cleaned the kitchen. Like Hard-Core CLEANED THE KITCHEN. Under the microwave. In the microwave. Under the dog-bowl mat. All the little dirt specks screamed and headed for the hills when they saw us comin'.
Done some laundry.
Discovered how the office door works. I heard a THUD! and looked up to see a grinning girl. Then came get the idea.
Played in the rain.
Picked some gardenias. In the rain. We even smelled them. In the rain. And our noses got wet. In the rain.
Manifested a GIANT playpen in the living room from foot stools, coffee tables, ginormous blankets piles, toy-boxes and big-girl car seats. Too. Much. Fun.
Played in a blankie tent. Had a photo shoot in the blankie tent that requires a giant "epic fail" stamp.
Found a beagle. Named him Smiegel. Called Animal Control. They took Smiegel away.
Snuggled and watched Dick Van Dyke. We're teething (Nells not me) and it's raining - so we took a personal day. :)
Pondered where the sewing machine is going to live.
Worked on a graphic for our Middle School Youth Group. P.S. I have NO IDEA how to use the functions that create graphics in photoshop. Any ideas???


So I think Smeigel the Beagle needs more than a line on the blog. Afterall, I did take photos. That's right, a strange dog was running around my house, leaping on furniture and balancing on my fireplace while my daughter was crawling on the floor safely in her play pen, and I took photos. :) Well the story goes like this..

Once upon a time and mother and baby were having a very productive day. They were singing and dancing and folding laundry when all of a sudden Homer-dog when bananas. Like C-R-A-Z-Y bananas. The generally rainy-day mellow dog was doing back-flips off the couch in excitement over something in the backyard. Mother went to see what in the world worked Homer up. To her utter amazement a slender little beagle was romping in the backyard. Mother opened the back door and coaxed the little sucker closer. Not only did the beagle come closer. He ran inside, which also let all order to the day outside. The beagle was running and jumping and crawling and climbing with Homer close on his heels.
Baby was screeching with joy, clapping her hands and making a noise that can only be typed as: "EEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH! da-dee dah-ma!" (P.S. If you speak this language Mother is looking for an interpreter. Inquire below.) Mother even stopped to take pictures because, let's face it, a woman has to have priorities. Oh and Mother's phone rang during this whole scene. And she answered it, once again stopping and allowing a STRANGE DOG TO ROMP IN THE SAME ROOM WITH HER DAUGHTER!! Apparently EVERYONE, except mother, was glad and happy to see the doggie racing around the room. 20 minutes later Once everyone was calm again, mother wrangled the dogs and penned them in the garage.

Oh, and it was raining. So both dogs were wet. Not just sprinkled with mist wet -- soggy, sopping, dripping on the carpet wet. So it was NECESSARY for mother to flip on her handy, dandy wax melter thing - aka a candle for forgetful people who can't remember to blow out wicks.

After 5 minutes the room smelled like a coffe doused, wet dog. Nice. Tagless Beagle Smiegel (because, you can't have an un-named dog in the house. It just isn't right!) ended up not belonging to any of the Mother's neighbors. She called house after house only to find no one was missing a Smiegel Beagle. But not to worry Animal Control came and took Homer's doggie friend. Word is they will let Mother know if his owners don't claim him. He would make a nice addition to the family. Afterall, Mother did rig up a second lead in the back. It's here Smiegel - waiting for you to return.


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Becky said...

Seriously, you should write a book. Compile "All the Days of Nells and Co." and it would be a bestseller. Tell Nells that her boyfriend Will is thinking of her and hoping they can meet soon. And does Nellianne have an email address? He'd like to correspond. I told him he's too young.