Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blog Changes... I'm teaching myself before the Photoshop Trial disappears to create banners, backgrounds and signatures. What do you all think of the banner at the top?? The signature at the bottom??? Do you like Dark or Light backgrounds?? Let me know what's easier to read. I've made a background but can't get the html coding to cooperate. For those of you newer to the blogging world (Nonnie, Pawpaw, Grandma, Pop, Aunt Beky - I'm talking to you!!), let me know what you think by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of this post. You can fill out the form to the right and let me know. Just say you are an anonymous user.


Anonymous said...

Emily, I love reading your blog. I learn your heart while
I read the words you have written. It is easier for me to read when the black letters are on a light colored background. Love your creativity of color and design so do not stop trying new designs. Keep the stories and pictures coming. With much love, AB

soprano said...

Hi Em:

I liked the previous banner better. I enjoyed the orange background the other day too!

Kate said...

Hey Emmy! Like the banner but the bible quote is a little difficult to read at the top. Might want to change the font or make it bigger for easier readability. How are you guys? We will actually be in Chicago Labor Day weekend visiting my parents and Alex. We fly in Friday morning and leave Tuesday around lunch time. If you guys are around we should try and meet up in Chicago one day. I know we are going to try and go to the Renaissance Fair in Wisconsin on either Saturday or Sunday but other than that we are free. I am sure my Dad and Alex would not mind a trip into the city to do some touring and My Mom has to work most the time we are there. :( Let me know! Miss you guys! Is Nellie crawling now? Lily is walking and talking everywhere now. :)

George said...

Hi Emily,
Your Blog is inspired! The only one I take time to ready regularly! As for color, I would say yes for a dark background due to the easy contrast, but maybe not black just for "mood". Perhaps another deep color that is more "Emily-ish" if you want to go with light lettering. You totally ROCK though, so see what works, and try stuff. BIG FAN!! YEAH!!