Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drivin' Home

I dropped Sesame off at Yia Yia's house (my mom, aka grandma to Sesame) about a half hour/hour ago to get some work done at home. It's taking the entire time to dump some video so I can start working on the editing part. Wish I would've thought to do that earlier this morning! Anyway...

As I drove home I noticed negative thoughts brewing in my brain. Nothing too hideous, just negative thoughts. Something like:" Oh we have so much to do....Why can't we just stay home...Why would we commit to so much at once...I'm so tired...The laundry will never all be done...The dog smells like tuna..." You get the point. Then I was struck with the realization that I was Queen of Sourville. "Why!? What is going on with me today!?" I thought. (And yes...I thought out loud.)

The realization number 5, 239 happened. I hadn't opened my Bible. I hadn't read a single verse. I tried to think of a verse I had memorized to ponder on and immediately had a negative reazction: "I've only ever memorized two or three verse...what's the point in repeating them to myself." Then the Lord felt it was time to hit me over the head with a broomstick. A flood of verses popped into my head that I didn't even know I knew. I might not have known where to find them in the Word, but I KNEW they were in there.

It was just a reminder for me - a reminder of the power of the Lord and our cries to Him. He is amazing and when we truly realize we need His Word, even if it's not within arms reach, or we don't think we have the time, He will provide you with pieces of the Bible. He will bless you with His Spirit and cover you in His grace. All you have to do is ask. Or, in my case, say Lord I don't know any verses. :)

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