Monday, August 3, 2009

And the Faces Continue...

Remember when I posted the video slideshow of my "facemaker and stretcher extraordinaire"? Well...She's still makin' faces...

Just call me Nellie "Scrunchy Nose" Sesame.

Oh. And there have been other new developments. She's now a TOTAL blanket baby. LOVES the Nonnie Blankie. MUST have the Nonnie blankie to sleep To eat. To crawl. To play. To have a diaper changed. Pretty much we fall apart without the Nonnie blankie.

This is how we love the Nonnie blankie.

Also, this charming lady now has a vocabulary beyond "uagggggggh aaaaaaaah " She can say "hi" "Momma" and the newly aquired, "uh-oh." :) Yeah...Momma's pretty clumsy around here. :)

Posted both because husband's favorite is in color...and mine is black and white. Shock. Dismay.


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