Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Baby Sesame at 34 weeks

Conrad and I visited a Northside office today for a more in depth ultra sound.  The upside to the appointment included some 3-D photos!  :)  It's amazing how much the baby looks like us in certain ways.  Big cheeks (both Momma and Daddy - the child had no hope there!) Golbov lips (JUST like Sesame's Daddy) and Momma's nose!  Let's just hope Sesame's facial features aren't distorted too much during delivery!  :)  Also we found out that Sesame is already weighing in at 6 pounds (!!!) and is on track for a January 11th due date.  If the baby gains a pound a week (as it should) that's a 12 pound baby on the 11th.  I've already started praying Sesame makes an early entrance into the world!!!  I am amazed more and more at the wonderous plans of our Savior.  He has held our hands every step of the way through this pregnancy and allowed us to be part of His creation process.   What a MIGHTY God we serve!  :)

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Dawn said...

What a wonderful gift...to be able to see the wee one in this way!!!
Hope all goes well in these last weeks.