Sunday, November 23, 2008


Okay. I have a confession: I am not a fan of politics. I am not a fan of discussing politics. I am not a fan of practicing politics. I, in general, dislike politics.

Then, I was married on December 30, 2006 to a man who minored in political science. So I started to care - just a little. But not much. Clearly. :)

THEN, he strapped me down to a chair and made me watch this show:

The West Wing.

I must admit - it has been love ever since. Ladies and gentlemen I woke up last night around 2 am (due to repeated rib kickings) and what was the first thought in my brain??? A smashing chorus of the theme song for the show. Complete with visions of red and white stripes rippling triumphantly in the wind. -sigh- I. am. addicted.

What's worse is we are almost done with the entire series. Yes. It's sad but true. (I must also confess that there is a bit of bittersweet-ness to this - because now I get to start the series over and again - and I don't have to wait for Conrad to watch the episodes - so while I'm on "bed rest" I can actually fulfill my addictions and then have REAL TIME to spend with the husband when he comes home - as long as it doens't involve running a marathon or something - not that I would do that anyway - seriously - us - run - ha!)

So. Even if you are the person in the room who avoids politics at all costs, give the show a watch, you'll be hooked too. :)


edit to add: I just traveled over to Lots of Scotts. You HAVE to see this video. She has been working with her 4 year old triplets to memorize scripture since the beginning of the school year. They've been using an ABC verse order to help the children - brilliant! One of her sons has A-H down. What a wonderful witness to world! These children already have the word of God planted in their hearts. :)


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Just passing through. Thanks for sharing your photos !