Sunday, December 7, 2008

Craft Making Galore! :)

I have a confession: I LOVE to create.  I don't know where in my genetic history this stems from, but somewhere along the blend of Yocum/Hewitt genes SOMEONE passed along a desire to create.  Create what you might ask??  ANYTHING!  Okay, well not anything - I don't do jet engines - I leave that to Husband.  :)  As of late I've been working on various projects.  With a partial bed rest order on my hands I FINALLY have the time to work out all these fun and fancy crafts!  We have on the list:
1. Sesame's quilt
2. Knitting burp cloths
3. Knitting washrags
4. Creating paper ornaments
5. Using ribbon to decorate

How fun!  :)  Our home is looking more and more like Christmas!  :)  I LOVE IT!  


Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

So cool! All of it. I'm extremely impressed! I aspire to have your craftiness.

Kate said...

Hey Emily it all looks great! :) I love the bright colors in the quilt and so will the baby! Lily still loves to look at her shelf above the changing table when I change her. It is bright yellow and a lifesaver since she is turning into a wiggle worm now. :) I love the 3D ultrasound pics too! Too cute.. can't wait to see the little one and I still have my fingers crossed for a Jan 11th B-day but I am also hoping for no more than an 8 pounder for you! :)