Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dr. Seuss Nursery! :)

My Aunt Becky visited this weekend and helped us out with the nursery. Before my activity was restricted (I've been given back some privelages though- so no complaints!) I'd planned on painting several Dr. Seuss characters on the walls of nursery. My artistic Aunt graciously offered to take on the painting while she visited this weekend. The results were phenomenal! :) THANK YOU AUNT BECKY!

My Momma helped too! :) They let me go upstairs and sit in a chair to watch. I was even allowed to paint part of ONE fish! :)

My Aunt suggested we cut out a green felt star and put it in the back of the Star-Bellied Sneetches book. After we read the book with Baby Sesame we can then talk about the book (which is about treating everyone the same even though you are different) and velcro the star to the belly of the starless Sneetch. Can you tell she was a teacher?!? :)

Aunt Becky! :)

They traced the outline of the characters with an overhead projector and then Aunt Becky went back over and filled in the black parts by "eye-balling" it. She did a GREAT job!

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Katie @ Heart Gone Walking said...

OH MY WORD! That's the most amazing nursery ever. I cannot believe you guys did that!!! It looks amazing! Baby Sesame is so loved. :)

Lani said...

That looks awesome Emily! Baby Sesame is going to LOVE it!!

Bridget Allyne said...

i love it!