Friday, November 7, 2008

Bed Restin' ... Sort of...

Husband had Tuesday off for Election Day. (There are some major perks to working at a company that employs Union people!) Election Day was also a doctor appointment day at the Golbov Household. woo hoo. :) My "modified bed rest" has been modified once again! The doctor I saw gave me the go ahead to drive, but only run a quick errand, not stand around and shop for any length of time. So YAY! :) Wednesday was a rough baby day - I think I tried to do too much in the am - which left me resting on my back the remainder of the day. BUT with this new-found freedom of being able to climb stairs a few times a day Conrad and I assembled Sesame's crib! :) YAY! Also I worked on the baby quilt and realized that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about quilting. It's true. I've only ever made one quilt in my life for husband in college - and it was significantly less complicated. Why do I always insist on making my own patterns, etc. when it comes to crafty things?! Seriously!? :) Anyway here are some photos of Sesame's crib & quilt! :) Enjoy!

Conrad assembling said crib. I "supervised" from a chair and distributed screws, washers & allen wrenches. Homer just wandered around the room looking confused. :)

Assembled crib! YAY! :) The boxes to the left of the crib on are Conrad's yet to unpack bins from college. I'm afraid to open them.

TOTALLY CUTE sheet and bumper pads! :) I decided NOT to take on the task of making bumper pads. I don't think my mad sewing skills are quite to the that level yet! :)

Speaking of sewing skills! This is the left side of the baby quilt. The right side is identical. I LOVE the bright colors! :)

This is center piece of the quilt. I'm going to re-sew it so there is actually room to make a seam on either side of the diamond without butting off the corners. This is the "main fabric" so to speak. It's so pretty!!! :) (Can you tell I'm excited!)

This particular piece was going to go in place of the three rectangles bordered by yellow, but I decided that 1 inch squares would take FOREVER to sew. SOOOO the two that I made will be part of some denim pillows. :) I do love the circle-y fabric though! :) The back of the quilt is the fun fuzzy limey green fabric. Terribly soft and fun to pet! :)

I'm off to rest for a spell, eat lunch then fold some laundry. I've never been more excited to fold laundry in my life. :)

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