Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cleaning Off the Laptop

Husband informed me last night that the hard drive on the laptop is officially full.

No. Really.

Windows was trying to update over night and couldn't because there are (shock dismay) too many photos filling up our hard drive. He graciously started moving photos from the laptop to Galileo (our giant workhorse of a desktop computer - And, yes, I really do call the computer by name when I sit down to work on it). However, this doesn't mean we actually NEED to KEEP all of the photos. So I will begin the task of sorting through the hundreds (thousands??) of photos we've accumulated over the life of Demosthenes (name of slowly dying laptop). Here are a few gems I've already found:

The last trip to the apartment we lived in for our first year of marriage! :( Notice my stylish shoes with the comfy clothes. I do miss the apartment sometimes!

Whilst cleaning out some boxes before moving all my *junk* over to the new house, my father and brother found some old Halloween costumes. What else could they do but put them on!?

I love this photo from last Christmas because: A) We're truly this goofy all the time. B) Yes my momma bought us matching pajamas that expand when you put them in water. And the best part - they're from Alaska. :) C) I just love Christmas time!

More to come as I delve into the photos on Demosthenes...

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