Sunday, May 13, 2012

Canal Walk

Okay, ya'll, it's picture dump time. I'll try to nudge Emily into posting some real words here soon, but let's be honest - you mainly want to see the kids anyway.     =)

Little Dude is steadily becoming a person. In addition to no longer looking entirely like Winston Churchill,

he's also been roped into games a-plenty by his big sister.

Thursday ended up being his first Taco Bell experience. This is the "Hey, Dad, how's about you let me try the good stuff?" look.

.......and it was good. Grade D beef has a new fan.

Needless to say, Little Dude does not have the monopoly on personality. Sesame was generously providing a soundtrack for most of the adventure.

Let no one accuse us of not using the things we're given. Small group people, you rock.

We decided to take a walk on the canal downtown, as the Event Coordinator failed to correctly read the hours for the Zoo. It worked out.

She's a fan of Little Dude.

The feeling is mutual.

Little Dude is quickly picking up the game of "So Big" with enthusiasm.

This is the "I'm done" face.

And yet they give it the ol' college try (whatever that means).

Hope you enjoyed. More words next time. I'll also let Emily do it. She brings the funny, not me.


PS - Happy Mother's Day to all the moms (especially mine)! We love you!

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Clemencia said...

Love these pictures Conrad. thanks for putting them up. Love you, MOM