Wednesday, March 28, 2012


We've been playing outside as much as possible.

Who wouldn't when it's somewhere between 65 & 85 degrees.
Yes, a 20 degree spread, that's Indiana Spring for you all.
Actually, it dipped down to 30 something the other night.
:)  My air was on one day and my heat the next.
Moving on...

Little Dude is completely digging the outside play.
I thought maybe he'd be motivated to chase Sesame.
He was motivated to eat:
It will make for some interesting 9 month old poops here in the next few days. :)

He also may have taken a wound to the head.
Sort of.
He may have fallen out of this chair like .5 seconds after I snapped the following photo.

And landed smack on his head.
Hey, I figure Sesame rolled off her changing table around this age.
Every kid needs some head trauma in their life, why not have a photo.

I don't really think that about head trauma.
It just sounded funny at the time.
Now it's not.
Why can't I just use the backspace button?!

Moving on.

I'm going to attempt to take real  photos of my children in the next week.
You know, the kind we're they're in nice clothes
and I take them to a spring-y looking field
and actually pose them
and take their photos.

It will be a first.  :)


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