Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spider vs. Shingles

Wednesday morning. 5:30 am. Half an hour before the alarm goes off.
Little Dude wakes up. I continue laying in bed
Please go back to sleep.  I just want to laze about for 30 more minutes.  Please.
Cute-cooing cry turns into bloody-murder get this wet diaper off of me cry.
Ugh.  I give up.
I stand, slipping my feet into my maroon, grandmother-esque house slippers.  Because I'm 80 like that.
Wow. It's insanely dark in our room.
I stumble into our bathroom, flip on the light, and see my left eye is completely swollen shut.
Well, that explains the darkness.
I try to open my eye.
It won't budge.
I try to Jedi mind trick my eye into opening.
Open eye.  Open.
I try to Harry Potter wand my eye open.
Dissendium!  Alohomora!
I finally yell out to husband above the shrill, "someone is stabbing me in my crib" cry.
He calmly rolls over.
"Turn on the light, so I can see."
I do so, standing directly in front of the light, which doesn't do any good.
"It looks fine."

When the left side of my face started burning later in the day, I decided maybe I should go see the doctor.
Turns out I either have an "exotic spider bite" or shingles.
Now that little bumps have appeared behind my left ear and my left arm is aching, I think it might be shingles.
My eye, however, is significantly less Quasimodo-like.
It now looks like I was hit in the eye with a wooden spoon.


Whilst I was going all hypochondria-cal on myself, My kids were playing together:

She's trying to teach him to crawl.

She really does repeat everything three times to him.

Little Dude's newest tricks:
1. Acquired hair.
2. Two teeth just peeking through on top.
3. Has started first rock band now that he can bang things together.
4. Learned to pull Sesame's hair.  (This is now one of my favorite things to observe. hehe.)
5. Expert in toy manipulation I.E. he uses a toy to coax out of reach toys to within his grasp. (forget rolling/crawling/movement - he is a ninja master of reaching and creative coercion of toys to within his reach)

Sesame's latest accomplishments:

1. Writing/performing own songs into her "microphone" aka vacuum cleaner.
Her newest song goes like this: "Praise Jesus Holy!  His Windshield Wipers Sing!  Praise Jesus Homer! AHHHHH!"
She's a lyrical genius.

2. Dressing herself.  That's right.
Check out her sweet outfit.

Momma, I promise we wear the cute outfits you purchase us.
Grammy, we do match in the sweet dresses you send.
But there are some days when I allow, red shoes, pink polka dot knee socks, navy shorts, wild flower shirts, an orange hoodie and her rainbow star hat.
She's 3.
She needs to live a little.

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