Friday, March 2, 2012

Saturday Mornings.

Saturday mornings are a special time around here.
Formerly, Husband spent them snuggled under the covers until the kids finally pounce on him = around 9:30.
But lately, Saturday morning has become the day Momma luxuriously lounges in bed until...EIGHT!?
Can you believe it!?
It's a miracle.
Amazing how my view of "sleeping in" has changed since college.  :)

Anyway, Husband dedicated Saturday morning to be the official "Pancake Day."

He and Sesame bond over pancakes.
She stirs.
He flips.
They even have matching Star Wars aprons.

Every once in awhile they let a little mad scientist laugh rip too.
Lately, Little Dude has joined in on this adventurous vocal trill.
He's expecting his matching Star Wars apron come June.
I told him you had to be able to roll over to wear one.
He gave me the "that's not funny mom"/Ed Asner look.

For all the Star Wars pancake molds and kitchen cutlery, only Daddy dons the Darth Vader spatula.
It even sounds like James Earl Jones when you flip too late: "This one has come to the dark side."

Get it.

Dark side.

Waited too late to flip it.
I.E. its burned.

Yeah...that was a stretch.
The explanation ruined it.

All in all, I love my little, mad, kitchen pancake creators.  They make art they do.
Edible art.
That gets covered in butter and syrup.
And that, my friends, is the best kind of art.


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Becky said...

That post just gave me pure happiness. I love that other families are as goofy (and anti-let's-run-to-Home-Depot-and-get-our-doin'-on like us...long live Pancake Saturdays). :)