Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Kids.

My kids make me smile.  Wait.  The way they adore each other makes me smile.

Sesame sneaks into Squirt's room when he wakes up from a nap before I even hear the boy.  It's amazing.  Her "Mommy sense" is almost more attuned to him than I am.  She drags the footstool to the rocking chair over and climbs up to greet him.  He squeals and giggles every time he sees her.  She's like an instant happy pill!  :)

Little Dude loves, loves, to snuggle with Sesame in her bed.  I lay him down next to her every evening at bed time.  He immediately extends his left hand out to touch her cheek.  Seriously.  I think it's the boy's way of saying "I love you" without words.  It's too cute.  She responds with squeals of delight and says, "Ezzy, that tickles." or "Ezzy's playin' with my cheek.  Do it again Ezzy!"  He cannot contain his joy at her enthusiasm. His little feet kick a mile a minute and his arms flail about.

Squirt also enjoys partaking of imaginative play.  I know, he's well ahead of the cognitive curve.  He has been dressed as Cinderella and baby Emma in the past week.  Shhh...don't tell husband dearest.  :)

Sesame worries when she doesn't know where Little Dude is.  For real.  She hunts around the house calling out for him.  It cracks me up because, most of the time, I'm holding him.  When she discovers his wherabouts she cups he hand over her mouth, hunches her shoulders up, squints her eyes and gives a silent laugh at her lack of observance.  Love that kid.

I also heart their matching pajama-jams.  : )  Too cute.  (Thanks Nonnie and Pawpaw!)

On a random side note, this photo from our first snow:

Is in desperate need of a caption.  For real.  :)  I cropped it just right in camera so the poor boy looks like the little brother in Christmas Story, immobile, left alone, in a snowy field.  : ) No worries, husband was right there.  : )

Caption this photo or fill in the thought bubble.  I'll choose a winner this weekend.  Winner receives their very own version of Lil' Blue Boo's Boy 'ville, Box 'O Princesses or Customized Memory Game!  : )  I feel like giving today!  :)


George said...

Love the story and the great pictures! What cute kids you have.

Caption: "Really? A snow angel at 6 months? Okay, but this isn't going to be easy...."

Caryn said...

Adorable blog, my friend. As for a caption: "I'm so cold I can't feel my feet. Wait! I have FEET?!"

Anonymous said...

Caption: "Mommy? Daddy? Nelli? Homer? Hey, Where are you?"

Becky said...

"But I'm already an angel!"

Best try for first cup of coffee in the morning. :)

Em, they are too adorable. And somehow enjoying your kids makes me enjoy mine even more -- how does that work? My favorite? Both of mine are running around in blanket sleepers right now, too. I wish they could forever stay in moose and snowman prints. :)

Conrad Golbov said...

Caption: "Seriously?! Dad, this is NOT COOL.........I have an itch..."