Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Dude.

Both Husband Dearest and I feel that our tiny Squirt of a boy has grown by leaps and bounds this week.  He's making more communicative sounds.  No, really, he is.  Even Sesame thought he was say "Mommy" today.  I told her he wasn't, and then he made a sound that was extremely convincing for her case.  His hand/eye coordination isn't shall I a flailing baby giraffe.  He's actually moving objects from in front of him to his mouth.  Love it.  He's so smiley and giddy and easy going - yet he knows what he wants.

Today marked a milestone for him as well.  He entered into the land of food.  I noticed he was eyeing my spaghetti last night, so we started rice cereal today.  :)  Enjoy.


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Ashley said...

I love this more than anything I can think of right now! :)