Sunday, November 13, 2011


So.  Life has been ... busy.  I have had approximately 5 billion varied posts rattling around in my brain at any given time, yet they never quite make it here to my little corner of the interwebs.  So.  In an effort to leave you hanging no longer, here is a quick run down of life in these parts.

1.  We (meaning the 2 year old in our family) is currently obsessed with all things musical.  By this I mean she has successfully memorized all of the songs from Sound of Music, excluding "The Sound of Music" and "Climb Every Mountain" because, and I quote Sesame here, "They are scary Mommy."

2.  Little Dude is growing like a weed.  A WEED I say!  He and Sesame are total buds these days.  The following photo is one that he will hate me for one day...but I don't care.  I hear these matching pajamas - Thanks Nonnie!

3.  Little Dude has also entered into the happy-screech-like-a-pterodactyl-because-I-don't-know-how-to-control-my-volume phase of speech development.  Lovely.  He happy screeches, I screech back, Sesame asks why I'm screaming.  She didn't quite get the whole "I"m teaching him to speak" vibe.  Oh well.  It worked for her.  Little Dude is such a charmer.  His eyelashes curl all the way back to his eyelids.  Spittin' image of is Papa.  :)

3.  Little Dude had a magnificent, glorious and clandestine poop the other day.  The situation deserves it's own post.  Prepare to be amazed.

4.  Sesame likes to jump in leaves.  A lot.  A lot a lot.

5.  I heart Pumpkin Spice lattes.
6.  We are running late to leave for I'm publishing this as is since it's know...a month.  :)

Thanks to those 5 of you that read this!


Aunt Becky said...

loved the new post... where are the Halloween pictures. Hear the costumes were great. Love and Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Emily-- it was worth the wait. Heidi

Becky said...

Yeah, we wanna see Halloween pix!!! :)

emily ann. said...

I am a horrible mother. I did not take a single photo on Halloween. :( That being said, their costumes rocked and we are going to stage a "Halloween Photo shoot." It will be fantastical. :)