Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spelling 101

As promised.  :)  A quick, fun way to play and learn at the same time.  I love learning.  I love playing.  Hence why this is my favorite.  :)

All you need is a muffin tin, shaving cream and food coloring.  Pinterest may have suggested this activity to me.  Well, my Momma used shaving cream for spelling in her classroom, Pinterest just kicked it up a notch.  :)

This my friends:

is Sesame's face when I told her what we were going to do.  We hadn't actually done anything yet.  This is her expression at the thought of what we were going to do.  How can that not make the whole event worthwhile?!  : )  Okay, moving on...

Drop a drop or two of food coloring onto the shaving cream.

Isn't it all pretti-ful with the drops

Allow the munchkin to mix the food coloring into the shaving cream.  (Science opportunity: talk about distribution.  :)  Yay.  I love to get my science on with my kids. Don't tell anyone.)

Don't forget to supervise.

I know I always get distracted when I'm taking pictures and forget I'm the adult never am too wrapped up in the moment to parent.  Never.  (snicker)

That's right.

Sesame was a little jovial and flung shaving cream on the floor.


She kind of freaked out.  I think she thought she was in trouble.  Good thing we have a dog that eats anything.  Homer snatched it up before I could explain it was soap.  Not Cool Whip.

See that face.  That is the "Golbov face of concentration."  Husband dearest makes it all the time. It makes me smile.  :)

This is a fabulous activity for several reasons:

It really works the fine motor skills of toddlers.  You can have them draw shapes, work on letters and even replicate things they see around them in your house.  I could continue on this educational rant, but I'm just going to show you photos of us playing.  Then you'll run and get some shaving cream.  :)

Wow.  Look at Sesame's cursive.  She is so advanced.  :)  (wink, wink)

All in all shaving cream = great fun.  :)


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