Friday, June 10, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

I found some photos.  I know, you all are shocked.  :)  There I was, planning to post something all crafty, because for once in my life I remembered to take photos of a project, when I found these fantastical photos.  And I laughed.  Out loud.  No, really, not just like IM speak "lol" - I really laughed out loud.

The first:

This is so hilarious because what you don't see is my daughter's face when she realizes there was something in the bucket that she put on her head.  "What was inside?"  You ask.  Water.  That she put there.  Two seconds before this photo was snapped.  :)  See - you're starting to think about laughing aren't you????

Then there is this photo - which needs no explanation save my husband has waited his entire life to have children for a moment like this:

I'm sorry, can we just zoom in on that face a bit:

Ah, parenthood.  :)  Happy weekend!

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