Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sesame Overload.

I typed that title and then thought to myself, "I'm not in Sesame's quite the opposite..."  I just meant that this post will be a Sesame story overload.  It's been a big week here at our house.  The last week of being one has brought about some fun times.  Such as this:

Oh yes.  That is blue all over her mouth.  Momma and I were have a fabulous little conversation when Sesame went on an excursion in Mommy and Daddy's room.  I hopped up to reign her in.  As I grabbed her arm and turned her around, I discovered a lovely little blue moustache and goatee.  "Sesame!" I gasped "What have you been playing with."  Being the diligent little rule follower she is, she marched me right over to her coloring table and did this:

That's right, she fully admitted to rubbing blue crayon all over her face and even reenacted the monumental occasion for Yia Yia and Me.  She promptly proclaimed, "Sesame no, no" to the aqua crayon and handed it over.

Gotta love this kid.  :)

Another rite of passage was achieved in our home this week as well.  Sesame and Husband dismantled the crib and assembled the "big girl bed."

She was a fabulous little helper and has made the transition beautifully.  I, on the other hand, bawled like a newborn when I arrived home to find her crib in the garage.  I, perhaps, most of these moments are harder on Momma than child.  : )

She's showing us how to sleep in a big girl bed.  Homer is almost as excited as Sesame.  I'm fairly certain the two will never part again.  He's slept in her bed with her for at least two naps that I'm away of.  It's really quite adorable!  : )

Her accompanying sound effect sounded something like a snorting/dying pig followed by a quick giggle = Sesame version of a snore.  She even instructed, "Ike dis, Momma!"

Happy Face Picture!

Sad Face Picture!

While I miss the close, snuggly rocking Sesame to sleep, this new season is bringing such joy.  Laying in bed, reading books and singing reminds me of some of my first memories.  I love how methodical Sesame is about bed time.  We must have Amos and his lovey as well as blankie and Num Num.  We simply must read a book (right now she's stuck on Clifford's Christmas Presents).  We never close our eyes without being "cuh-vah-d up."  But most of all, I'm loving that she won't even consider sleeping unless we've said our prayers.  Her sweet, dulcet voice makes small requests at prayer time for people, inanimate objects, even some stranger we saw at the grocery store.  Her little personality is blooming into a person who knows Jesus is important.  As a stay-at-home Momma, that is the single biggest pay check I could ever as for.  I am, by no means, rushing this little life along, but I can not wait to see what the Lord does with my little Sesame.  : )

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