Monday, January 17, 2011

Beware: We Have A 2 Year Old Amongst Us.

This post is not as menacing as the title leads to believe!  :)  I'm merely here to share a piece of our lives from the past week.  Sesame turned two last Wednesday.  TWO!  I can hardly believe my little girl has gone from this:

to this:

In two years!  Goodness gracious.  She is so much fun!  :)  The Lord has truly blessed our family with Sesame's vivacious personality.  I can not wait to see who she grows into!  :)

We had her 2nd birthday party on the 15th.  A small gathering at our house with family and honorary Aunts and Uncles.  : )  No need for a ginormous celebration at age two - family was overwhelming enough for her!

I saw this awesome rainbow cake on Make-and-Love-It and knew it would be perfect for Sesame.  I gave a talented young lady a call to see if she would help out with the cake and away we went!  Jane (note: she is 12 years old...TWELVE...and an awesome baker!) and I were up until 1 am making this fabulous cake.  We had so much fun and Sesame loved it!

How awesome is that?!  It tasted fabulous too!  : )  We ended up with half the cake left - so we fed it to the Middle School kids at church.  : ) They are so reliable to eat up the sweets we have leftover!  : )

Sesame was in rare form - so excited about the presents she could hardly contain herself.

Related much?  I think so...

Loving her cake.  : )  She is soooooooooo my daughter!

I heart this photo for so many reasons.  First of all, it contains all of my grandparents - a very rare photo op.  :)  Secondly, they are all reading one of the books Sesame received for her birthday.  Remember the "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Little Miss Naughty" books?  My George gifted them to Sesame.  Love.  :)  Yes, well, my awesome grandparents are reading those books.  :)  It makes me smile.  :)

This photo is great because it shows:  The girls I nannied for playing ring-around-the-rosy with my daughter.  Yes, I baby sat for them.  I'm playing my old card here.  Not only do I think of them as sisters, but my daughter ADORES them.  I"m pretty certain, if given the option, she would live with them forever. Afterall, when you build tents and pretend to be in a battle zone taking cover under the kitchen table, how could a 2 year old not love you.  :)

Awesome day.  Awesome food.  Awesome family.  I heart birthdays and can't wait for more memories!  :)


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