Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cabin Fever and Sesame's Stitchery!

So.  I broke out the sewing machine this afternoon.  :)  It's been awhile.  I scoured the internet searching for a pattern that could be cut out and completed in one afternoon nap time.  Dana at Made did not disappoint. :)  She has a tutorial for how to make your own pattern from you child's existing clothes which I then used to make Sesame a pair of leggings.  Guess what?!  I made them in an hour and a half!  Moi, me the girl who cuts out fifty billion patterns and never, ever actually completes ANY of them!  Seriously kids, if I can do this, so can you!  :)  AND the cost is AWESOME-TASTIC

Old pale pink Gap Stretch t-shirt from high school:  Free
Elastic from an old pair of sweat pants:  Free
Hearing husband giggle at my comments to myself while doing project:  Free and fun!


And look:

They didn't turn out too badly!  :)  I'm going to try them on her when she wakes from her nap.  I'll let you know if I find any complications then.  :)


So last Thursday we had a a bit of snow here in the midwest.  Just a tad.  :)  While I heart snow, it does tend to produce a bit of cabin fever in the house. I cried out to facebook asking for ideas to entertain a two year old.  The internet did not disappoint.

Exhibit A:

Out modified version of MckMama's Winter Suncatcher.  Too fun!  The cupcake tray made awesome sun catchers with four small versions of various colors.  We played with water and food coloring to maker ours.  Hence the brownish, purple one.  That was Sesame's creation.  :)

Another favorite (from MckMama again) was rice on a cookie sheet.  :)

We got a good solid hour of play time out of this one!  We even put our alphabet magnets on the tray, covered them with rice and went on a "treasure hunt" for them.  I might have had more fun than Sesame.  I also might have started talking in a pirate voice and scowling whilst on our treasure hunt.  And, I  might have frightened her to saying: "Momma, why you scare me??"  and "No, silly talk.  Scae-wee."

We also played in cabinets.  Because, why not really!  :)  Oh, and at this point in our play time I noticed something.

See that star.  Can you see what's in it???  No??  Let me zoom in a bit.

Blue food coloring.  On her little toe.  Now, I ask you, how does one manage to squish blue food coloring between their little and ring toe???  It's not on top of her toe, just in the crease between them.  My daughter is turning into a smurf.

But a very happy, hobbit like smurf!  :)


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Aunt Becky said...

good snow day fun--painting with pudding.... messy, but lots of fun!