Monday, November 15, 2010


I've already had several people describe my daughter as dramatic.  Generally, I sneer at the thought of a dramatic girl - it conjures up images of junior high girls flipping me the capital W, cocking their head and proclaiming, "What-Eva," as they swing around the walk away.  This kind of drama is NEVER allowed in my house.  Sesame's little W will be slapped with a big fat backhand if that ever happens.  Ahem, I digress.

So, while she wasn't throwing down "whatever's" today, Sesame I might have, maybe over-reacted a little bit today.  We took Homer to the groomer's this morning.  She was all a twitter in the backseat yelling "Home-uh!  Home-uh!  Goo Boy!"  She giggled and guffawed at the sight of him in the car.  As we exited Ruby (my car) and entered the groomer's her face changed.  Confusion flashed across her face.  "Momma, Home-uh?"  She asked.  "Remember Sesame, Homer is too big to have a bath at our house like you do, so we have to bring him here to get all clean.  We'll come and get him after his bath, okay?"  She thought about this for a second.  "Oh-tay.  Home-uh Keen."  I chatted with our Groomer lady (who has permed, frosted hair, frosted lipstick and even pink frosted nail polish, stuck in the 80s much, I think so) who is so very sweet!  I handed her Homer's leash and all chaos broke loose!

Sesame started wailing, "HOME-UH NO NO!  HOME-UH HERE!"  Homer, who hates the groomer's anyway, started clawing at the floor, almost pulling poor Dolly Parton Groomer lady over.  Sesame started running toward him, almost taking out a small terrier in the process.  "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Sesame is screaming.  And I'm just watching.  That's right.  I"m so stunned I can't even respond.  My children are cause mass chaos in a teeny tiny Dog Salon and I'm laughing in my head.  The only other time I've ever seen Sesame this hysterical about leaving anyone/thing is when we have to put her car seat on the conveyor belt at the airport.  Man, does that girl wail when that happens.  Finally, I coax Sesame out of the Salon with a bribe to go to the library.

As I buckler her in, still gasping as she recovers from her meltdown, she eeks out, "Home-uh Allll [begins crying again] GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!"  Meltdown number two.  "Sesame, it's okay, we're picking Homer up later!  He's coming home again!"  "HOME-UH!!!  NO!!!"  She practically clawed through the window as we were driving away.  Ten minutes later, as we pulled into the library parking lot, she was still crying.  "Sesame, " I said, "They don't allow crying girls in the library, you have to stop before we go in."  "Oh [heaves] tay [sobs]"  After another minute she finally calmed down and we went into the library, payed our overdue fees (yes, I'm that mom) and enjoyed quiet play time.

My daughter may fit the word dramatic today.  I think she's just exploring the emotional side of being female. Hopefully we can channel the drama for good and not evil.  :)


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Becky said...

Golly, I love her. What a girl after my own heart. I'm dramatic but haven't flipped anyone the "W" in a while, at least I don't think I have? Ha! I like to think I'm dramatic and emotional because I FEEL life 100%. God made me this way. I try to enjoy it. :)
Love you, Em.