Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not So Blue...

A) I'm having problems loading photos.

B) I've been at this for 41 minutes now.

C) This post is photo driven.

D) I haven't showered in ___ days (I refuse to write in the actual, on the other hand, are allowed to put whatever number you would like in the blank.) and my baby will be waking up soon.

E) I think I'm having a post-loss-of-baby-nesting period -- does this really happen???  Because I have been little Miss. Nazi-organizing-throw-it-out-give-it-to-goodwill-have-a-garage-sale QUEEN for the past week.

F) Positive note - Our house is becoming de-cluttered.  :)

G) I will be back to finish the original post.  :)


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