Saturday, June 26, 2010

Garage Cleaning Day

So...I captioned all these photos in Picasa to tell the story I wanted to tell...and then I couldn't figure out how to display them on the blog...and so I'm leaving the story to you...until tomorrow...when I'm ready try this new Blogger in beta thing again.  Sigh...So...until then enjoy my min-Richard Simmons girl.  And leave a comment with a caption for any of the photos!  :)



George said...

Just the cutest Little Girl in the Whole wide World! Love the Mommy and Nelli photo best, but they are all adorable!

Grandpa G

Clemencia said...

Thanks for sharing your fun day! Great to have her be the helping painter! I'm sure she loves helping her mommy. I'd call the ones in the wagon - Pretty Pigtailed Princess! and the painting ones - Momma's helper. - like grandpa says - they are all great. I do love the head band and curls one too! - Grammy