Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Splish, Splash, Grammar Nazi

A slightly delayed swimming post...

So today was a bit of a packed day, even though we didn't do much. As can happen. First the trip to the baby doc went well, and we're now a fan of the nickname "Baby Jellybean". It feels like far less of an Orson Scott Card ripoff than "Baby Bean". I'd post ultrasound pics, but A) they're fuzzy and show something that looks like a jellybean/peanut, and 2) you people don't comment enough to have earned it. Muhuahaha!

After the baby doc appointment, we had a rare and magical chance to have lunch alone with each other. While I'm sure that to outsiders we looked like a normal couple conversing, I must admit that it was a bit more schizophrenic than that. Here's a taste:
Husband: "It totally torques me when people claim that mispronunciations are "just accents". Seriously, 'po-tay-tow' is NOT the same as 'po-tah-tow'. Arg, and then on the radio yesterday, some dude they were interviewing mixed up "weary" and "wary"! I mean, he was a WRITER!"

*Wife groove-dances in the booth to the in-house muzak while staring at a salad*

Wife: "You know, I really, really like craisins! They're like awesomeness. There must be fields where they just set out the cranberries to dry.........But what if it rains?"

*"The Ballad of Curtis Loew" by Lynyrd Skynyrd comes on the muzak station*

Husband: "Wow, this is my favorite Skynyrd song! It's so......moving..."

Wife: "...I really just have no idea how people can confuse "there", "their", and "they're"! I mean, of all the easily confusable words, they have SUCH different meanings!

" ...On the day old Curtis died, nobody came to pray.
Old preacher said some words, and they chunked him in the clay..."

Husband: "Man, that's really sad..."

Wife: "I know! They might go their whole lives and not have anyone tell them how to use the words correctly!"

"Hmm...I think I'll just take this green snakey thing and fill the pool myself..."

"I wonder if this is like the inside water...maybe I could drink it..."

"Nope...definitely too cold and uncontrollable..." (Note...we were lauging hysterically at this point. I mean, hello?!)

*shriek*squeal*giggle* Basically, if there's a sound related to joy a toddler makes, it's accompanying this photo.

Thirsty doggie.

"Finally! I can get a drink!"

I'm pretty sure that Conrad perfect this thumb over-the-nozzle move for this moment in life: spraying his children.

It's tough to get this from the pictures, but Midget Lady was a trooper, because the hose water was Lake Tahoe cold! It's a good thing she's been prepping her Thunder Thighs for just such an occasion.
Joy. Exuberance. Zeal.

Um...that's actually a smile...

Is that a gang sign?! Where did my 16 month old learn gang signs!?

Okay, favorite part of the day. Our neighbors just acquired a small yorkie named Sarge. Nellianne walked over, turned around and said "Hi' to Homer and then turned back to Sarge and said "Hi" again. ADORABLE!

I love this kid. : )



suzy rowland said...

so funny!!! i love it and can totally picture the scenario between you two during lunch. patrick got a perfect score on the paper you proof-read; he's very grateful for your help! since i left a comment, i'm expecting to see the first pic of jellybean on sunday!!! :)

Becky said...

The schizophrenic conversation sounds all too familiar to my ears! Although it's been such a good long time since we had a chance to be sans William, I'm thinking, "Alone time? What's that?"
That's funny about Jellybean's picture...the first time we saw Lucy on ultrasound we were having a hard time making out limbs and such (I think I was only 8-ish weeks?) and my doctor said, "Eh, don't even try, they all just look like gummy bears at this point." Funny how we make CANDY metaphors for our teeny-tiny unborn children!?!
Hope you are feeling well, my dear! Great pix of Nellianne. My word, her hair is the greatest thing ever.