Thursday, June 3, 2010

Noah, Noah

Some quick stories to recount:

Little Miss. decided that it would be fun to drag the swimming pool from the back door, across the dining room, into the living room and between the couch and coffee table. As you can see, she was delighted with her accomplishment:

Yesterday I looked down whilst doing my hair to see this:

Adorable, yes. Allowed, no. I promptly grabbed my camera and then chided her with a "no, no." To which she responded, "In?" I think it's time I stop taking photos of events I mean to deter. :)

And THEN this morning she just about broke my heart, in a good kind of way. We were upstairs in her room playing with her Melissa and Doug Noah's Ark and I started singing the Noah's Ark song: "Who built the ark, No-ah, No-ah." Out of nowhere Sesame sings "No-ah, No-ah." Well that about did it for me, we called Daddy and sang the song on his voicemail and then tried to call Yia Yia and sing the song over the phone, but she was distracted by the dog, and we were going to call Grammy, but realized it was 6:30 her time, so we decided to let her sleep. (Sorry for the rin-on...I was swept up in the moment and am now too lazy to edit.) Anyway, I'm really digging this whole toddler thing! :)



Kendall said...

Okay am I missing something on this? Does everyone have a blog? What is Conrad's blog? and, remember that following thing? Does that mean I get a notification if you post something? If so, I wanna do that.

Also, I heart baby bean better. There is nothing bad about referencing Orson Scott Card.

Conrad said...


Yes, everyone has a blog. It's like Pokemon for the 2010s.

As for OSC, I'm in agreement, but it's just that I always imagined Bean as being rather ugly, yet smart. Not a good portent in the nickname.

For more information on omens and portents, see the works of John Hodgman:

Kendall said...

Well, that's not very fair. I'm just now getting the hang of facebook and everyone switches up!