Monday, November 30, 2009

Food In Her Jeans/Genes

Sorry for the craptacular header. I just wanted something Christmas-y and that was the closest photo in the closest folder. It will be remedied soon. :)


This little lady:

...has many special talents. One being the amazing ability to be wearing jeans, that are by no means loose fitting, and somehow find a way to amass so much food in the pockets and down the pant legs, that a small third world country could feed for an entire decade! I mean really, how does this happen Mommas?! I'm sitting right there the entire time she's shoving peas and corn into her mouth and making those fabulous little yummy noises. NOT ONCE did I even see her tiny, Magician hands creep under the tray. And yet, she's feeding Ethiopia.

Very happily feeding Ethiopia I might add.

I guess eating and sharing are in her genes - what else could we have expected!


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