Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Button Pushing

My baby just turned on the TV in the office. She promptly grinned, announced "nah nah own own Momma." I think she might have said "Nelli Nelli, on on, Momma." Not that she really did and not that she really knew. But that's what it sounded like. I'm just waiting for her to turn the computer off. It has a tantilizing blue power button. It's only a matter of time. :)


Randall said...

Katherine has learned that when her show goes off, she can bring mommy or daddy the remote and they can make it come back on again. Of course, dinner conversations go kind of like this:

Kate: Ni-Hao.

Dad: Ho-mer (Simpsons)

Kate: Ni-Hao!

Dad: Ho-mer

Kate: NI-HAO!

Dad: Ho-mer

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Hee hee...Lil Chick can turn the XBOX on and off. I KNEW she'd be a gamer!