Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow...What a Week!

Sorry dearest readers -- it's been a CRAZY week. We've all been sick and Sesame as been teething like it's her job. Which, if you want to get technical, it kind of is her job. Anyway...moving on...

Before we plunge into all thing Sesame - Grammy, YiaYia: I know you are both dying for photos - I simply have to tell you all something. I achieved a life dream last night. It was simple. It was magical. It was beautiful and I cried. I did. I managed to reign in the heaving sobs of joy in order to keep from frightening the man next to me, but they were there. I saw...I can't believe I get to type this... Yo Yo Ma play with our symphony!!!


Sorry but that line of exclamation marks was necessary. I mean, hello -- YO YO MA! I started playing the cello in 6th grade and fell in love with the man. [sigh] His film scores for the Mission are just incredible. I heart them. And after seeing the man play. "Wow, I tell you what wow!" (name that movie!) The cello was like an extension of his body! Seriously a fifth limb and swayed and moved and I really thought he was going to get up and walk around the stage, no, dance around the stage with the cello while playing. [sigh] Husband did good - as we say here at home. :)

Anyway, I'll stop now, because I could go on forever! :)

Sesame has been wicked teething -- like 3 new teeth in and two more working on making grand entrance kind of teething. Better to get it all over at once though! :) Despite her teeth, she has been a gem! We learned that pointing can be useful [shock dismay] and can now identify 'light' 'Daddy' and 'doggie.' When I say "Where's Momma??" She just laughs at me. I think she's thinking "Duh Momma, you're the one talking to me!" Anywho...a few fallish photos for you all! :)

Thank you Dolphin Doodles for the FANTASTIC hats! Love them.

Wow. She's so big. :( I really adore this Heartland action from Pioneer Woman. It makes me happy and smell fall leaves. :)

So does anyone else melt when their child does this?? Because I do. Every. Time.

Sesame with her namesake. Sesame, Sr. :P AKA my Nonnie

This is that pointing thing. Everyone else in the room was going "Yes, that's right, liiiiiiiiiiiiiiight." :)


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