Monday, October 19, 2009

Jazz, Bathrooms and Broken Batcaves

Wow. So once again I've had a BAZILLION ideas for mini-posts this weekend. I just can't seem to write it all down fast enough!? :) So here we have a post with several little mini-posts or blurbs. A much faster and lighter read, in my humble opinion. Moving on...

1) Husband scored major brownie points. It's true -- a surprise trip to Chicago on Friday which included the Museum of Science and Industry (they have TONS of free admission days AND we LOVE museums - yes, we're admitted geeks.), FABULOUS food at Wildfire Restaurant AND to top the night off -- DIANE REEVES!?!? HELLO!? Our seats were the on stage ones at the very edge -- best. day. ever. :) We returned home at 3 am -- but it was totally worth it! :) Love good quality time with the husband.

2) On the return trip we made a pit stop at the Lafayette Meijer. Now I heart Meijer. We do a large portion of our grocery shopping at the one in our town. Meijer is a generally nice store. Clean. Well-kept. Un-grossified. These are adjectives I usually apply to the store. But not the Lafayette one. No. I sauntered in (around 1:30 am) to the restroom. I blinked a few times thinking I must still be sleeping. The baby changing station was parallel to the wall - not the floor. If one was to strap their child in they would be changing them SIDEWAYS. Oh, but that was IF you could GET to the baby changing station by way of pillaging through the ankle high toilet paper. I think someone had a little TP confetti party in the bathroom. It reminded me of the day Homer discovered he could snag the end of the TP roll and run through our house. Nice. The mirrors were caked in some think dust substance, the toilets themselves cannot be mentioned on a family friendly blog. Suffice it to say I left fairly quickly.

C) Our batcave toilet is leaking. The rug is soaked. The magazine tub is icky. The molding is soggy. I think it's time to get a new toilet.

4) Sesame adores playing alone, calling "Momma," watching me walk over excitedly because she's using her words and then swift as Superman she crawls away. She laughs hysterically at this game. We've played it a bazillion few times today already. Love that girl

X) I pulled my cello out of the closet today. Then I put it back in. It screamed when it saw the light. I think she needs time to slowly adjust to humanity again.

&) Sesame discovered the dog dishes. I'm anticipating she will consume at least three pieces of dog food this week. Not that I'm trying to get her to -- I just think she's that fast now. Let's hope she doesn't! Best part is - she seems more interested in clanging the bowls together and sloshing water on the floor than playing with the contents inside. :)

*7) So clearly Sesame is still obsessed with crawling under objects. For this very reason I think I'm going to construct a Table Tent for her for Christmas - via inspiration from homemade by jill. I think she's gonna like it! :)

92) I'm done. I had more -- all best ideas have left the building! :)


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Randall said...

Many times a leaky toilet is due to a bad wax seal under the toilet. May not have to even replace it at all.