Thursday, August 13, 2009

Diapers Will Do

So about a half hour ago Momma came over to walk. We try and walk together everyday if we can. It rocks. I love my Momma. :) Moving on...

I ended up with these two lovely photos when we arrived back to our driveway:

Yes, that's my daughter asleep in the front seat of the bus, without a tray to help hold her in and with her hat COMPLETELY over her face. And, yes, she's dead asleep. And, yes, I'm that mom that left the hat over her face in 90 degree, humid, Indy weather. It's true. BUT ISN"T SHE CUTE?!

Yes, this a large styrofoam cup swaddled in a Pampers Size 3 diaper. Yes, I carried it around our neigborhood this way. Yes, it's because 2.3 seconds after purchasing my cup of AWESOMENESS from a local coffee shop, I dropped it onto the blacktop. Yes, it broke. Yes, I lost ALL the whip cream...which I shouldn't have had ANYWAY (it's a SIGN!). Yes, quick thinking prevailed as we swaddled the leaking cup in a diaper. And, yes, I had a brain freeze from chugging an iced sugar-free, non-fat peppermint latte. And, yes, I would do it all again. :)

Fun times. I love my family. And coffee. But especially my family. :)


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