Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WARNING: Rambling Post to Follow

DO NOT READ IF: You like Michael Jackson and have been glued to the television for the past week or so. You will likely be angered by this post.

Dear News Persons,

Yes, Good Morning America(GMA), Early Show, Today Show, Local news stations, AND EVEN CNN - I'm talking to you.

I am a homemaker. I say that proudly. I LOVE my job. In fact, it's the only job I have ever always wanted. In the morning I lazily wake, switch on the pot of coffee and meander upstairs to pluck my smiling babe from her bed. We coo and laugh and then head downstairs so I can feed her. Generally, of a morning, a flip the television on to GMA to catch the news. See what's happened in the world overnight.

But not lately.

Why? Because Michael Jackson is splashed about the screen on every station. If he's not on one station it's his attorney, his mother, his children or an old photo of Cindy Lou, his most adoring fan from Louisiana at her first concert in 1981. Seriously people. This. Is. Ridiculous.

I tried to find information about our nation pulling our of Iraq. Remember that whole war thing??? That's right there was a deadline for our residence in the country - June 30th. I had to SIFT through articles online because NO ONE WAS COVERING IT!!! Oh, and I don't know if you heard, but our government is attempting a massive overhaul in the area of health insurance. Anyone heard anything on that??? No, Michael Jackson's drug use does not count. Not to mention HONDURAS' GOVERNMENT WAS OVERTHROWN YESTERDAY. AN ENTIRE COUNTRY is dissolving before our eyes and our eyes are glued to an ENTERTAINER'S funeral.

Yes, he was a good musician. A good man, I think that's questionable. I heard it said that his funeral was viewed more than any other event in history. Sick. That's just sick. What is this world coming to when Pop Stars are given more glory and fame than people who are truly making a difference in the lives of others. Can we say idol much?

And that's what's really agitating me. The first commandment is "have no other gods before me." That's what this is. This is the biggest indicator of where our priorities lie as a country, of where people stand as individuals spiritually in this country. I am overwhelmed with sadness more than anything. Sadness for these lost souls who are so entangled in what this world has to offer that they have been following a Pop Star. The Lord offers so much more.

He is infinitely good and loving and selfless and worthy and patient and kind and great and mighty. And there is NO QUESTION about it.

I don't expect the news stations to start covering Jesus Christ. That would be ostentatious, but I do expect them to cover the news. Is that too much to ask???


Conrad said...

Not that this comment will surprise many people, but Wife - I love you. Thanks for posting this.

As you know (because you hear it almost every day), I, too, have a problem with this sort of infotainment.

I was a little kid when the 24 hour news channels started doing their thing. I think that in the beginning, the aim was to have constant access to news no matter when the viewer had the opportunity to tune in.

Lately, it seem like we feel that America's ADD is gradually getting - OHH! A Bowflex! - worse, and that the only way to adapt is to invent something called "entertainment news".

I think that strictly speaking, that which is new is news, but let's face it - not everything that is new deserves to be reported on a national broadcast. Michael Jackson's death could easily have been handled by radio DJs. Yes, this is sad for odd, obsessed people out there. Yes, he's sort of the first of a generation of stars to die (I had this pointed out by someone of "that generation". I didn't fact check. Don't hold me to it).

And yet, when "entertainment news" comes ahead of a MILITARY COUP, then clearly, producers should be fired, "journalists" should be censured for lack of backbone, and the station should lose it's broadcasting license. Or maybe that's just my feeling on it.

If you want real news, tune in to News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS. Like all pure news, on most average nights, it will bore your eyes out of their sockets. And yet, you get information unadulterated by "entertainment news".

And now I'm done. On this blog, at least.

Your odd, yet loving husband,

Lost in Paper said...

hmmm, found your blog somehow?? oh yeah, through your response at PW's site!

Anyway, love the photos of your adorable little girl, my little girls are awfully grown up and married....

I just wanted to say that I agree with your "Rambling Post". You spoke from my heart too... Lord help us all...