Monday, May 14, 2007

waiting for the geese...

so. i was on my way home today from momma and daddy's - i spent the day with Ross (my brother) and momma - and decided to swing into mrs. curl for an ice cream cone. when i pulled into the parking lot i caught a glimpse of a man and woman necking in the parking lot. not my idea of fun for a family place, but hey, it's spring. :) i hopped out ruby and made my way up to the front to order a lime ice cream cone. if you've never had had, you simply MUST order one. anyway the man from the "necking incident" pulled out in front of me and we both made our way down main street. suddenly all of rush hour traffic pouring off the interstate came to s screeching halt. "what is going on!?" i muttered all to indignantly. to my shock and dismay the driver in the front of oncoming traffic began smiling and pointing. slowly one goose emerged from between the cars...along with 5 small fluffy goslings and one honking daddy in the rear. not only did this feathery family manage to stop traffic - they left them smiling. these honking mad geese, whom everyone generally curses, made the day of a few drivers stuck in traffic. i even caught the "necking man" on his cell phone later at a stoplight, retelling the person on the other end how the "cute little guys just waddled across the street." the guy even did the "neck thing" - which looks quite similar to an out of control swaying Stevie Wonder, only just a gangly goose neck - not their entire body! i realized as i drove that God does have small ways of reminding us to slow down, to look at the beauty of spring even in rush hour traffic!

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