Friday, May 11, 2007

Quotes from Kindergarteners

My Mom: "does anyone know who this is?" (pointing to me)
little boy: "a girl!"

little girl on the field trip to the farm: "are you really Mrs. Hewitt's daughter?"
me: "yes I am!"
girl: "Wow. Mrs. Hewitt must be REALLY old!"

Me: "George, please don't throw the gravel rocks."
boy: "okay."
...5 minutes later he has rocks again...
Me: "George what did I just ask you about the rocks."
boy: "Sorry."
...another 5 minutes...i see him slide his had slowly down the side of his body to the ground where he grabs a hand full of gravel...
Me: "Geo--"
boy: "Man you have sneakier eyes than my mom!?!"

Me: "What's your favorite color Susie?"
girl: "RED!"
Me: "What's your favorite color Ross?"
Me: "Oh, is that a new crayon color?"
girl: "No, Ross just says animal names. I think he's afraid of colors."

I pretty much LOVED going on the field trip to the zoo with mom's class. (she volunteers a few times a week). Needless to say they could brighten any day! :)

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