Saturday, January 12, 2013

One, Two, Three...


My sweet girl is four.


How did three years skate by so quickly!?

On her birthday I decided to flip through old photos.

May favorites include the following:
1. Days we never changed out of pjs, brushed our hair or bathed.
2.  Days we never left the house.
3.  When she was about 18 months - the age Little Dude is currently.

She has grown so very much.
She's intuitive and perceptive.
Plays in worlds birthed completely from her vast imagination.
Recognizes all her letters and most numbers through 20.
Sings.  Endlessly.
Eagerly prays over meals.
Loves on her brother - unconditionally.
Hates broccoli.
Loves blueberries.
And has absolutely no personality at all.

Okay.  Maybe she has personality.
Just a little.

I love you my dear, sweet Nellianne.
You made me a mother.
You are my joy and sunshine
and as much as I love you,
my precious four-year-old,
Jesus loves you even more.

Happy Birthday Sesame! 

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Yia Yia said...

I love you both for making me a mother and a Yia Yia. And Jesus loves you too!